9 Wonderful Reasons we love Milkcow Soft Serve Ice Cream

9 Wonderful Reasons we love Milkcow Soft Serve Ice Cream


Lately more and more people have gradually made the move towards soft serve ice cream. The days of tangy yogurt outlets are numbered. The delicious milky taste and soft silky texture makes soft serve absolutely yummy and delicious.


To Answer the question, here are 9 simple reasons that drive us to  ice cream.

  1. It’s Yummy – It Tastes so good – our favourite soft serve has a unique salty goodness taste that can’t be found anywhere else.
  2. Unlike most soft serves around – Milkcow uses organic milk to create the yummy soft serve. ( Most brands utilize powdered Milk )
  3. Toppings – We love toppings! We all dream about the delicious Honeycomb nestling on top of your soft serve
  4. It’s consistent – Milkcow Ice Cream is consistent. Get the 1st of the day or the 50th! It all tastes the same.
  5. It’s photogenic – Just grab a phone of a camera, we know the real star of the show is the yummy soft serve.
  6. It’s hilarious to watch little Kids eat Ice Cream “They want to get messy” and eating Ice Cream is all part of the deal.
  7. Its Comforting – Eating ice cream has always been a symbol of good times. Whether it’s your dad making homemade ice cream or getting a punnet or a scope from Milkcow Even looking at Ice Cream always brings back great Memories.
  8. It makes people smile and brings them together.No matter what we’re doing on a family day, it’s always extra special if there’s a visit to a Milkcow outlet. Just mentioning it gets kids grinning and sometimes doing a little happy dance. We are  not sure if it’s that yummy ice cream to come, or the toppings they love. It’s fast becoming a great place to create memories.
  9. The right size – Each punnet is the right size for a dessert however, we know that one is never enough.


MIlkcow is fast becoming a legendary place for family and friends to create wonderful memories. So before your next family dessert outing, drop by and create some memories with us.


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