Let’s Raise A Glass to World Milk Day 2015

Let’s Raise A Glass to World Milk Day 2015


Coming this Monday (June 1), is an international event where milk lovers across the world will raise their glasses to celebrate the World Milk Day.


World Milk Day was proposed by FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations) in 2001 as a tribute to milk nutritional values. Historically, it has played a vital role in our daily diets. Milk is being recognised as a crucial food source with many important nutrients provided at an affordable price to many consumers around the world.



On a daily basis, billions of people across the world enjoy the taste and nutrition of milk in all its form, from its nutritional aspects to recipes, cosmetic uses and even its artistic values.


Putting milk in the limelight, World Milk Day was inaugurated to commemorate milk and dairy products as staple food and as an economic resource. With more than 30 countries participating and still growing each year, Milkcow Malaysia have proudly partnered Bright Cow is bringing the joy and that message to Malaysia.


On that particular day, Milkcow Malaysia utilizing the freshest milk from Bright Cow will send their trucks to deliver free milk to different universities around Kuala Lumpur.  During the day, students will be able to receive the milk via ambassadors as the milk truck reaches each destination.


“We wanted to raise the profile of milk as part of healthy and balanced diet. We felt it was important to educate people of the benefits of milk.” says Ben Chin, Director of Milkcow Malaysia.


To further spread the message and uphold milk as an important healthy food resource, Milkcow Malaysia will extend its reach to orphanages as well. Children and staff will be given free bottles of milk from thevisiting ambassadors.


Milk contributes calcium intake in the diets of many people, old and young. For the same amount of calcium, 300mg that can be obtained from a glass of milk we would have to eat approximate 10.



Research also suggests that a glass of semi skim milk after exercise is an excellent way to restore body fluids and minerals lost during a workout. Some studies also claim that drinking milk after cycling sessions helped to maintain energy, improved muscle mass and decreased body fat, more effectively than a carbohydrate based sport drink.

Milkcow Malaysia aims to reinforce to the public the need for milk as part of our everyday daily diet by having this short and fun filled event around Kuala Lumpur. An increase in milk consumption can lead to better nutrition. Stressing the benefits of milk, the underlying message is that milk is healthy for you and should be part of your daily diet.

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